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24 Mar
An impressive 89% of professional engineers report being "satisfied to very satisfied" with their job and 90% recommend engineering as a career path for a young person. But those are only two reasons to choose a career path in engineering.
19 Aug
Technology drives our world and has a profound impact on all that we do, how we live and work, and on every single industry including engineering. As an Engineer, you already know this but what you may not know is that at the epicenter of it all are Systems and Control Engineers, professionals who are uniquely poised to tackle real-world problems with highly advanced solutions.
12 Jun
Considering pursuit of a Master of Engineering degree? If so, it’s likely you’ve discovered that there are many benefits to holding an advanced degree. Not only will you be able to gain new skills and acquire new knowledge, but you’ll have the opportunity to boost your career and increase your salary potential.
01 Apr
Picture it: You’re sitting in a cavernous lecture hall at 8 a.m. on a Tuesday with 60 other people, paging through a $125 textbook, not certain you understand what the professor just said but too intimidated to raise your hand. You’ve quit your job and borrowed thousands of dollars to be able to be here.
25 Jun
When it comes to improving your career, education almost always pays. If you're wondering "Is an engineering degree worth it?", the answer is almost certainly "yes." Read on to learn how it pays to continue your engineering studies at the graduate level.

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