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Should you earn an MS in Systems and Control Engineering?

Should you earn an MS in Systems and Control Engineering?

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Only if you aspire to make a significant impact on the world

It’s an undisputed fact. Technology drives our world and has a profound impact on all that we do, how we live and work, and on every single industry including engineering. As an Engineer, you already know this but what you may not know is that at the epicenter of it all are Systems and Control Engineers, professionals who are uniquely poised to tackle real-world problems with highly advanced solutions.

Are you ready? Before you answer this question, consider this: A Master of Science in Systems and Control Engineering will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to take your career to an entirely new level. If you’ve been thinking about pursuing your graduate degree in engineering, there’s never been a better time. Here’s why you should get started right now.

Advance your skills

As a graduate with a Master of Science in Systems and Control Engineering, you’ll come away with a new set of skills and a more advanced level of the skills you already have. You’ll learn things you did not learn in your undergraduate coursework and gain leadership, analysis, modeling, simulation, and design skills.

Expand your career opportunities

Systems and Control Engineers are sought after by companies all over the world and throughout a diverse array of industries. Their expertise in mechanical and automation engineering and their advanced interdisciplinary and problem solving skills make them a top choice for any organization seeking innovative thinkers with complex technical skills. Essentially, start-ups, mid-size, and global organizations are in need of Systems and Control Engineers.

Use your capabilities to change the world

With a Master of Science in Systems and Controls Engineering, you’ll be among those who are equipped with the technical savvy and skills necessary to analyze, optimize, control, and design the most complicated systems in the world. You’ll put your passion for technology, engineering, and automation to work every single day creating everything from robotic assembly line systems to systems for aircraft, automobiles, healthcare devices, and much more. As a professional with a graduate degree, you’ll have the ideal union of the tools, skills, and knowledge required to create systems that actually solve real-world problems.

You can earn your master’s while working

The advent of online learning has expanded the playing field in so many ways and for those who wish to pursue a Master of Science in Engineering, this couldn’t be more advantageous. Engineers looking to earn their graduate degree can do so without having to interrupt their careers. At CWRU, our online MS in Systems and Control Engineering is delivered 100 percent online and taught by the same world-renowned faculty that teaches our on-campus program. You can attend classes, lectures, and complete classwork and exams in your own time, when it’s convenient for you.

If you’ve been dreaming of making a remarkable impact on the world using your engineering skills and knowledge, it’s time to take your education to the next level. CWRU’s online MS in Systems and Control Engineering has two – three starts per year and will provide you with internationally recognized coursework and research that you won’t find anywhere else. To speak with an admissions counselor to find our more about our program, call 855-500-3840 or schedule an appointment.

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