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Online Master of Engineering Degree

The Master of Engineering Program from the Case School of Engineering offers a professional graduate engineering degree and an opportunity to broaden your understanding of the practice of engineering in today’s business environment. The program lets you experience a learning environment that addresses critical competencies needed to enhance technical skills, business acumen and personal effectiveness in the workplace.

This program places an emphasis on excellence—in education, in our faculty, in student support and quality of student colleagues. A Master of Engineering degree will help practicing engineers better prepare themselves for both technical and business challenges.

We are delighted to share a scholarship toward this degree for those who qualify. Visit our tuition page to learn more.

Course Organization

10 courses – 30 credit hours

  • Five core courses – 15 credit hours
  • Four technical concentration courses – 12 credit hours
  • One core capstone course – 3 credit hours
  • Master of Engineering project

How is the Master of Engineering degree different from a Master of Science degree?

Case Western Reserve University’s Master of Engineering degree is practice-oriented, not research-oriented. As such, a thesis is not required for the Master of Engineering degree. Instead, you will complete a set of six core courses specifically designed to address the practice of engineering in today’s business environment. In addition, you will enhance your technical competence by selecting four elective courses in a chosen discipline of engineering.

Please fill out the form on this page and you will receive personal assistance to learn more about how you can apply to this program. An admissions outreach advisor will contact you to answer questions and introduce you to the application process.

Master of Engineering Concentrations

Mechanical Engineering

Fine-tune your skill in the design, development, testing and maintenance of mechanical systems.

In this concentration, you’ll delve into topics including:

Advanced mechanics—The behavior of solids and fluids under different conditions and the analysis of complex mechanical systems.
Advanced materials—The properties and behavior of different types of materials, including metals, polymers, ceramics and composites.
Manufacturing and design—The study of advanced manufacturing techniques, such as computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), as well as the design and development of mechanical systems.
Thermodynamics—The principles of energy conversion and the behavior of gases, liquids and solids at different temperatures and pressures.
Robotics and control systems—The design, development and control of robotic systems and the development of algorithms and control systems for mechanical systems.
Sustainable engineering—Sustainable design and manufacturing practices and the development of renewable energy systems.

Graduate prepared to excel as an engineer, researcher, consultant, or manager in fields including aerospace, automotive, energy, manufacturing and robotics.

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Message from the Program Director

Sunniva Collins

Sunniva R. Collins, Ph.D., FASM
Professor and Associate Chair

We are excited to bring this degree to practicing engineers to broaden their technical understanding in a variety of fields of study while also providing a strong foundation in the business environment.

The program offers a wide selection of technical electives in four concentration areas to choose from, so we are confident that this program will be well suited to your needs. At Case Western Reserve, we provide an immersive and supportive educational environment, and we are looking forward to working with you to advance your career and meet your future goals.”

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Admissions Deadlines

Priority Deadline
November 20
Spring 2024 Term
Final Deadline
December 16
Spring 2024 Term
Start Date
January 16
Spring 2024 Term

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