CWRU Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Case Western Reserve University offers reduced tuition via automatically applied scholarships for all new online students. Once scholarships are applied, tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year for all online graduate engineering programs is $39,000.* View scholarship details below, as well as an additional limited-time-only scholarship for Case School of Engineering alumni.

Price per credit hour is subject to change annually.

Original Cost of Tuition New Student Scholarship Total Cost of Tuition
$63,570 $24,570 $39,000*

CWRU alumni receive an additional $3,900 in scholarship funds.

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Additional fees include:

  • $50 application fee
  • $16 graduate student senate fee is assessed per semester
  • Costs associated with educational resources (e.g. course textbooks)

CWRU Scholarships

2023 Scholarship for CSE Alumni

We are currently offering all Case School of Engineering alumni a $3,900 scholarship* toward an online engineering master's degree. This is in addition to our existing new student scholarship (see details below). To secure this limited-time offer, all you have to do is complete your application and register to begin classes during our 2023 terms.

New Student Scholarship

All qualified new applicants to our online engineering master's degree programs are eligible for a scholarship of more than $24,000,* which is automatically applied to reduce tuition. No additional paperwork is required.

Financial Aid Resources

We encourage you to explore the numerous ways to pay for graduate school, including federal financial aid, third-party scholarships, tuition assistance through your employer, military benefits and student loans.

Employer Tuition Assistance

If you are currently working, check with your employer about what tuition reimbursement plans may be available to you. To learn more about asking for tuition reimbursement, view our 5-Step Tuition Reimbursement guide.

Financial Aid For Veterans

Case Western Reserve University recognizes and honors the experiences of our veterans and members of the military. For specific questions, please visit our Veterans Education Benefits page. It is important to keep in mind that any veterans education benefits you receive must be reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Complete your FAFSA

Your first step in applying for aid as a Case Western Reserve graduate student is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

File Your FAFSA


Financial Aid Webinar Video

Navigating the complexities of financing your graduate degree doesn't need to be a challenge. Let our experts at CRWU lend you a helping hand and their expertise so that affording our advanced education becomes easier than ever.

In this video, Interim Director of Financial Aid and CWRU alum, Mike Collins, and CWRU Admissions Advisor, Francesca Chaba, cover everything you need to know about financing your online master’s.

From commonly asked questions on the subject to top tips for success, as well as scholarship options available through CWRU’s New Student Scholarship program, this webinar video provides all the information you need to gain maximum benefit from CWRU financial aid and your online degree—all without breaking bank.

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Getting Started with Online Master's Programs - Case School of Engineering

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Admissions Deadlines

Priority Deadline
June 24
Fall 2023 Term
Final Deadline
July 29
Fall 2023 Term
Start Date
August 28
Fall 2023 Term

*Offer details: The overall tuition for the 30 credit program is $39,000 less the cost of one 3 credit course corresponding to the final course in the student's program of study after the scholarship is applied. The scholarship offer is available only to qualified new (first-time) enrollees (not current or returning students to the master's programs) who are graduates of one of the undergraduate bachelor degree programs in the Case School of Engineering for one of the online engineering master's programs. This includes the Master of Engineering (ME) program, the MS program in Biomedical Engineering, the MS program in Mechanical Engineering, and the MS program in Systems and Control Engineering.

Scholarship funds are not payable directly to recipient. $24,570 of the scholarship will be applied in a prorated manner over the duration of the student's program of study. The remaining scholarship amount corresponds to a charge of $0 for taking and passing the last required course in the curriculum and will be applied after the final drop/add period for this concluding course. If a student receives other forms of financial assistance, then the student's financial assistance may require modification to account for the scholarship by preventing any 'over-award,' such that the total financial assistance received does not exceed the cost of attendance, as defined and determined by the Office of Financial Aid of Case Western Reserve University. Recipients of the scholarship must remain continuously enrolled in the program through completion. Exceptions may be granted for students who obtain a university-approved leave of absence. Students receiving the scholarship must maintain satisfactory academic progress at all times for the scholarship to remain in effect. This scholarship offer may be revised, rescinded or terminated at any time. All admissions and scholarship decisions of Case Western Reserve University are final.