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30 May
The engineering landscape is undergoing an unprecedented transformation as artificial intelligence and robotics become integral to control systems. These cutting-edge technologies promise to bring new levels of efficiency, accuracy and innovation, but they also introduce complex challenges for systems and control engineers.
22 Apr
Energy-efficient building technologies play a critical role in reducing energy consumption, lowering operating costs and enhancing human comfort and well-being.
17 Apr
Mechanical engineers play a major role in addressing the challenges and opportunities of the future by creating more efficient, sustainable, intelligent solutions.
03 Apr
By developing renewable energy systems, mechanical engineers help to reduce harmful emissions, lower energy costs and provide energy equity in underserved communities.
28 Mar
The interdisciplinary nature of this profession allows engineers to tackle complex challenges that can’t be solved from a single vantage point alone.
27 Mar
Information and communication technologies help municipal leaders manage smart city infrastructure, assets and services more efficiently and effectively. Optimal management of resources, improved service delivery and reduced environmental footprint can provide residents with a better quality of life.
25 Mar
Preparing for a career in biomedical engineering is nuanced, requiring a proper understanding of the different branches and career opportunities within the field.
25 Mar
In recent years, advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have driven optimization in systems and control engineering. We live in an age of big data, and AI and ML can analyze vast amounts of data in real time to improve efficiency and accuracy in decision-making processes.
21 Mar
In the past few years, materials science has evolved rapidly as engineers and scientists have discovered new materials and applications for them. These breakthroughs have numerous uses in aerospace, manufacturing and other industries.
14 Mar
Biomedical engineering is a high-stakes field, with research and development of biomedical devices directly affecting human health. As a result, the challenges that biomedical engineers face are more nuanced and complex than those in other fields.
13 Mar
It’s essential to recognize not just personal and cultural differences, but also the scientific differences within the vast network of professionals in the biomedical engineering industry.
12 Mar
The human drive to explore leads us to take enormous risks. When the risk/reward balance brings us out ahead, hindsight enables us to minimize past dangers and focus on the prizes gained. When the risks and potential rewards are still in front of us, however, we’re not always clearly able to see the tipping point—or to prioritize it.
22 Feb
The rapid advancements of artificial intelligence, combined with the growth in recent years of digital therapeutics and biometric wearable technology, make this an exciting time to start a career in this dynamic business.
21 Feb
From tiny, tooth-scrubbing robots to rockets capable of deep space exploration, the field of mechanical engineering is on the cutting edge of new technologies. If you want to stay relevant in this fast-paced industry, you need to stay up to date on the latest trends.
10 Feb
The mechanical engineering industry has long been at the forefront of technological progress and it continues to have a far-reaching impact.
25 Jan
We rely on complex systems for almost every aspect of our daily lives. Systems & control engineers have the problem-solving expertise to develop and improve these critical infrastructures and technologies.
18 Jan
New technologies, recent advancements in artificial intelligence and other scientific breakthroughs are driving many innovative bioengineering developments.
09 Jan
Even with a graduate degree to your credit, strong grades and perseverance aren’t enough to make your job application stand out. To present yourself as truly impressive, you need to know how to leverage both hard and soft skills while building a strong resume.
17 Dec
A graduate degree in engineering can help students with any educational background qualify for many exciting and potentially lucrative careers. However, without the right preparation, earning a Master of Engineering can be stressful and time-consuming.
14 Dec
Today, new trends and inventions continue to reshape the engineering landscape. These changes can lead to exciting career growth opportunities.
05 Dec
There’s need for systems and control engineering expertise in nearly every industry because technology and engineering can combine to make systems run more safely, smoothly and efficiently, even when conditions within and around them change.
14 Nov
Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainable energy are reshaping how we live, work and interact with the planet. Mechanical engineering plays a crucial role in developing and integrating these exciting innovations into our daily lives.
01 Nov
If you have a technical mind and want to innovate and create for a living, consider a career in biomedical engineering. By entering this dynamic field, you’ll be able to put your science and math skills to use by designing and maintaining biomedical devices and products.
28 Oct
Today, advanced technologies such as robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming work processes in ways we hadn't imagined. Systems and control engineers play a crucial role in shaping the future of automation.
03 Oct
Interested in engineering careers? Considering whether a master's in engineering will pay off is a crucial step in making an informed decision about your education and career.
01 Sep
With the 18th-century invention of the steam engine came the need to develop all types of machinery. This gave rise to a new major classification of engineering that dealt with tools and machines.
23 Aug
After earning two degrees at Case Western Reserve University, Tony Opperman (CWR ’12, GRS ’13) has returned to Case School of Engineering–this time, on the faculty. He balances his teaching with a successful career as Director of Technology at Orbital Research, Inc.
23 Aug
Tony Opperman (CWR ’12, GRS ’13) has returned to the Case School of Engineering–this time, on the faculty–and balances his coursework with a successful career in mechanical engineering.
25 Jul
Biomedical engineers play a vital role in taking patient care to new levels. In their diverse work streams, they develop innovative technologies, improve diagnostic capabilities, enhance patient mobility, contribute to regenerative medicine, enable remote monitoring and ensure the safety and efficacy of medical devices.
20 Jul
Biomedical engineers combine science and mathematics to design and maintain medical devices and other products and systems as wide-ranging as prosthetics, organ implants, diagnostic equipment and computer software.
10 Jul
Systems and control engineering is the process of designing an automatic regulator for a device that adjusts the device’s current state to its desired state. As an example, consider cruise control on a car: When you choose your desired speed and hit the start button, the controller engages the throttle and then monitors the speed.
13 Sep
When considering an ME or MS degree, it’s important to make sure that the path you choose aligns with your needs and goals. In the simplest terms, the ME degree is practice-oriented, while MS degrees are research and technically-oriented. To help make the distinctions a little clearer, we’ve outlined their core characteristics and unique features.
02 Sep
Engineering failures due to ethics are not new. From the Johnstown Flood in 1889 to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011, engineering failures have been caused by problems in design, construction and safety protocol.
24 Mar
An impressive 89% of professional engineers report being "satisfied to very satisfied" with their job and 90% recommend engineering as a career path for a young person. But those are only two reasons to choose a career path in engineering.
13 Jan
Engineering is a broad profession, and now thanks to technological advances, many fields and specializations have begun to overlap or have drastically changed. When it comes to weighing electrical engineering vs. mechanical engineering, the challenge is that many of these engineers work in the same industries but on different sides of a project.
03 Mar
“Engineer” may be one of the most diverse job titles in the world. Virtually every technical discipline has at least one engineering job connected with it. This is because, simply put, engineers solve problems. Here are the ten best STEM jobs for engineers.
24 Feb
Medical engineering is a field that has been around for decades, but it’s one that continues to transform and evolve. This challenging field refers to applying engineering’s approach and innovation to the field of medicine and healthcare.
19 Jan
“Emotional intelligence is part of leadership. It's part of communication.” So says Dr. Joe Mayer, senior lecturer in the Case Western Reserve University School of Engineering. He teaches Leadership and Interpersonal Skills, with the aim of developing leaders who motivate and inspire others to work as a team in the service of shared goals.
18 Jan
Umut Gurkan has been at Case Western Reserve University since 2013 and has been involved in the online engineering master’s programs at the university since their inception. Associate Professor Umut Gurkan has dedicated his career to innovation. Learn why he decided to teach in CWRU's online master's in engineering programs.
14 Jan
Meet Will Schrot: Maryland patent attorney, business owner and father of two, who went to law school after studying other subjects. Why would this successful intellectual property specialist return to school for an online master’s in engineering?
11 Jan
Umut Gurkan is one to stay busy. In addition to being the Warren E. Rupp Associate Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, he holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University.
18 Sep
Can artificial intelligence think and act like a person? The field of knowledge engineering is working to achieve that goal. This type of artificial intelligence engineer works to replicate the human decision-making process to solve complex problems.
16 Sep
Taking the first step toward a master’s in engineering can be a difficult one, but choosing an online program can make the impossible feel not only doable but also rewarding. Online engineering courses offer the flexibility to take classes around your own busy schedule and, in many programs, offer the same rich education.
23 Jun
We’ve listed the top engineering blogs of 2020 that every leader in their field should be reading, so they can gain a better understanding of what their peers are talking about, struggling with and developing solutions for.
08 Jun
To help you gain a better understanding of what it takes to be an engineering manager, we have listed 10 traits essential to succeeding as a leader, the same skills our online students learn in our graduate programs.
30 Mar
Dominique Durand, the Elmer Lincoln Lindseth Professor in Biomedical Engineering, explains some of the ways he and his team are working with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve to better communicate with nervous systems, collecting data that could possibly lead to medical breakthroughs in a variety of diseases.
20 Mar
From its impact on society at large to the lives of individuals, an engineering innovation can have a ripple effect that’s felt far and wide. As a new decade starts at the Case School of Engineering, we have identified the most significant innovative engineering trends that will be making waves this year.
17 Jan
With six sections taken over nearly four hours, it’s easy to understand why many face it with some trepidation. There are countless guides on how to study for the GRE out there, but just knowing where to start can be a challenge unto itself.
17 Jan
There are two ways to approach writing a personal statement: you can panic—or you can use it as an opportunity to speak directly to the admissions committee. A personal statement is the time for you to explain what drew you to this graduate program, what your future education and career goals are, and what you as an individual bring to the table.
16 Jan
When gathering together all the necessary documents to apply to a master’s program, it’s easy to get held up worrying about that GRE score or figuring out what kind of personal statement you want to make. But, one of the most important documents for your application doesn’t require studying or brainstorming: your graduate school recommendation letter.

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