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Teaming Up for Success: Microsoft, Cleveland Clinic and CWRU

Teaming Up for Success: Microsoft, Cleveland Clinic and CWRU

How Augmented Reality Is Impacting the Classroom

Imagine you're a biomedical engineering student, and you're figuring out ways to connect human anatomy with technology. Wouldn't it be amazing to have the ability to interact with an anatomically interactive rendering, one where you could move organs and structures of the body around and investigate with the class in real time?

Well, that's precisely what the Microsoft HoloLens gives students the ability to do. Teaming up with the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve University is implementing the exciting technology into its curriculum.

The HoloLens will fit in nicely with the cutting-edge research and output of Case Western Reserve's School of Medicine and School of Engineering. Both schools carry a well-established reputation for excellence, innovation, and partnership. Among these notable partners, is the Cleveland Clinic, one of the nation's leading medical groups.1 Together, the Cleveland Clinic and CWRU are building an all-new Health Education Campus.

These partnerships with Microsoft and the Cleveland Clinic highlight an important theme within the CWRU community: constant innovation and the pursuit of comprehensive solutions to evolving problems.

When students attend Case Western Reserve, they are doing so to learn from, and beside, the best and most interesting minds in their fields. They know that the solutions to the world's most pressing problems are out there for the taking, and they've come to CWRU for the tools, knowledge, technology, and network they need to solve them.


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Case Western Reserve University has engaged Everspring, a leading provider of education and technology services, to support select aspects of program delivery.