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CWRU Students and Alumni Turn Heads at 2017 CES

CWRU Students and Alumni Turn Heads at 2017 CES

A digital concussion monitoring system to better protect athletes. A smart key that collects a user’s passwords in a single device.

What do these innovative concepts have in common?

They were all created by teams featuring Case School of Engineering students and alumni and were on display at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Showcasing Case Western Reserve at the Consumer Electronics Show

Case School of Engineering has established itself as among the most active and innovative schools in the country. The strong showing at the 2017 CES is a testament to Case Western Reserve University students’ knowledge and passion for bettering our everyday experiences through technology and invention.

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0:00:10.0 Jeff Duerk: Welcome to the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show. I'm Jeff Duerk, Dean of the Case School of Engineering. And we're celebrating our students' start ups that are alumni innovators of Case Western Reserve.

0:00:21.0 David Ramsey: I'm just blown away by how huge of a presence there is here. I've seen a few other universities and they have one booth maybe but Case has a whole aisle. It's really impressive.

0:00:30.0 Connor Colombo: Something this big is something you cannot go at alone. It was here at this specific university that I was able to get access to the people to get here, really.

0:00:40.1 Bill Colombo: Our son Connor is premiering his maker machine, to see him standing in front of his invention, kinda talking to people, it's humbling, really.

0:00:47.4 Mark Lorkowski: We're currently working on a low-power e-Paper Cloud-connected display, has been phenomenal. We're probably getting as much networking as we do in a three to four month period, within a single day.


0:00:58.7 Xyla Foxlin: So yesterday, we got filmed for a DIY Network, we did an interview with Popsugar and we were also on the live stream of Vergecast.

0:01:04.3 Matt Campagna: We're really trying to protect the next generation of athletes. It's a concussion screening that will determine very quickly whether or not they may have suffered a concussion without a human making that call.

0:01:13.5 Roy Chan: Now I'm presenting my new payment system here, we've actually talked to one or two investors.

0:01:18.8 Announcer: Next up we have Gordon, from BoxCast.

0:01:22.5 Gordon Daily: I'm a double alum of Case Western Reserve University. Four of us graduated from Case and we started a live streaming company. BoxCast, continue to hire graduates from Case Western Reserve University. We use Thinkbox to help do all the prototyping for all of our new products.

0:01:35.0 Jonathan Ward: So we basically shrunk down the guts of this giant oscilloscope which is a device used by engineers to visualize electricity. It's very portable, wireless oscilloscope probe.

0:01:46.5 Daniel Thomas: The world's first customizable smart key to get into all of your devices for your online accounts. You never have to type a password again.

0:01:53.9 Jeff Duerk: The thing that I think is really exciting is these are based on customer needs, and I think it's a reflection of the quality of the students, but also their spirit of inquiry in understanding what the great needs of the society are.

0:02:06.3 Philip Feng: My students are very phenomenal on this project, been working many weekends, many nights to meet all the milestones of this demanding project.

0:02:15.5 Jeff Mlakar: We were the first educational partner on Microsoft with the HoloLens.

0:02:18.5 Robert Gotschall: We're here to show off the things that it can do and the things that we've been able to do with it.

0:02:25.2 Daniel Thomas: We've just kept growing from concept to a real product.

0:02:29.3 Mark Lorkowski We were able to deploy during the RNC in Cleveland and now we're working on productizing.

0:02:34.5 Xyla Foxlin: And we'll be rolling out beta presales in the next couple of months.

0:02:38.3 Jeff Duerk: Having a presence here has really been the envy of the other academics that I've run into here. They wanna learn from us, and to me that really speaks to the spirit of Case Western Reserve.


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