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10 Best Engineering Blogs of 2020

10 Best Engineering Blogs of 2020

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What’s the easiest way to stay up to date on what’s happening in engineering? In any given year, engineering blogs provide a great opportunity to stay connected with the larger conversations in your field.

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the SpaceX launch, 2020 has been an unprecedented year. Now more than ever, being an adaptable leader is critical, and engineer blogs offer immediate insights and strategies for those who want to stay ahead. Great blogs focus on more than just cool gadgets though. They focus on the wide range of issues important to engineers, including business, ethics and engineering’s role in larger society.

Below we’ve listed the top engineering blogs of 2020 that every leader in their field should be reading, so they can gain a better understanding of what their peers are talking about, struggling with and developing solutions for.

The Engineer Blogs to Bookmark

1. SciTechDaily

On SciTechDaily, it can be easy to get distracted with NASA’s latest findings or what was recently discovered on the ocean floor. However, dig in deeper, and you’ll find their coverage of biomedical engineering, chemical engineering and other specialties is vast, knowledgeable and surprising.

2. The Engineer - UK

The web counterpart to this monthly magazine is mostly popular on the other side of the Atlantic, but it covers a wide range of topics including robotics, manufacturing, medical and healthcare, and artificial intelligence. The Engineer provides in-depth articles and news updates on timely issues like COVID-19, new research findings and the latest technologies.

3. Curious Cat Science and Engineering

If you can get past the unusual name, the Curious Cat Science and Engineering blog recognizes that engineering isn’t just about the science. There’s a bigger picture involved. Examining both STEM education and the societal impact of science and technology, this blog is a great opportunity to see what’s happening in your field and the other industries that might impact you.

4. Electronic Design

Tapping into a network of engineers, this website and magazine covers a wide range of electronics engineering from automotive to industrial automation to power management. In addition, if you’re looking for more in-depth expertise than just news articles, Electronic Design also offers white papers and webinars.

5. Institution of Mechanical Engineers

You will not see many engineering blogs with the mission statement “Improving the World Through Engineering,” but the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a global member association, provides timely and engaging news stories about the technical and societal impacts of engineering. Learn more about sustainability, politics and other hot topics, as well as the latest innovations in the field.

6. Manufacturing Innovation Blog

Run by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and its Manufacturing Extension Partnership, this resource covers both the business and technology sides of manufacturing. The Manufacturing Innovation Blog provides opportunities for industry leaders to learn more about emerging trends and strategies as well as practical advice and solutions.

7. Hackaday

Some engineering blogs can be helpful—and fun to read. Staffed by tech experts with a sense of humor, Hackaday highlights creative approaches to the everyday, from exploring the possibilities of new gadgets and programs to highlighting new tools to make life a little easier. Find inspiration or get to know other engineers and tech lovers through its active reader community.

8. Engineering Ethics Blog

There is no shortage of engineering blogs that focus on fascinating innovations, but this website is a great resource to better understand the professional ethics and implications behind the latest news and technologies. Covering issues as big as deepfakes to smaller engineering feats, the Engineering Ethics Blog is a must read for those in decision-making roles.

9. Machine Learning Mastery

Need to learn more about machine learning? Whether you’re new to the field or want to learn new techniques, Machine Learning Mastery can meet you where you’re at. Find resources for what you need to better understand for your role, including statistics, algorithms and deep learning.

10. Pick Your Company

When it comes to software and systems development, there is no shortage of engineering blogs. If you’re interested in social media, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn all offer insights on how they evolve and meet new challenges. Other companies like Uber showcase how software engineering needs to interact with real people in the physical world, and the Quora Engineering Blog gives a deep dive into operating an international question-and-answer website. Many more companies offer glimpses into their programming and their engineers’ mindsets, so instead of highlighting one or two, we recommend you look at the companies that excite you and offer insights closely related to your field.

Engineer What’s Ahead

If you’re looking for neat new gadgets and cool videos, there are plenty of opportunities to find those on social media and across the web. However, finding blogs that provide the latest technical research and achievements as well as the other sides of engineering is much harder. That is why it is essential that decision-makers stay ahead of changes in politics, business and whatever else could affect their work.

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