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03 Nov

7 Great Engineering Feats from Around the World

Our world runs on the work of engineers. Responsible for turning scientific ideas and discoveries into usable commodities, engineers shape our existence in every way, from the cities and structures we live in and the foods we eat to medical breakthroughs that save countless lives.

While nearly everything around us involves engineering on some level, some engineering feats are more visible than others.

Here are our seven great engineering feats from around the globe that invite wonder, inspire awe, and warrant appreciation.

Engineering Feats

What Will the Next Great Engineering Feat Be?

If you’re impressed by these seven great engineering feats from around the world, just think: Engineers are constantly working on quite amazing projects for organizations worldwide.

Once you have the education and qualifications you need to succeed in your career, you just might find yourself designing our next feat of engineering on the list.

Think you’ve got what it takes to create the next item on our list of engineering greats? See if you have these seven traits of a successful engineer.